Why VRBO.com?

Why Use VRBO.com?

Stonegate Luxury Townhome RentalsWhy use VRBO.com (Vacation Rentals by Owner) as a renter or a property owner?   The answer is quite simple: The variety of choices, user-friendly searches with large photos and descriptions, along with increased revenue potential for property owners is making this "do it yourself" vacation rental portal a more attractive option for both renters and property owners alike.

The Lodges Luxury Townhome RentalsIt appears that renters like the format that the VRBO.com system offers.  It’s sort of a “catch all” for a variety of different properties in all areas, shapes, sizes, and price ranges.  People tend to be visual creatures, and like browsing through the wide variety of property choices displayed with the easy to use format on VRBO.com (property list results with large photo on the left, clear marketing title of the property, and price range).   

Juniper Crest Luxury Townhome RentalsThe growing popularity of VRBO.com is becoming somewhat of the “Google” for vacation rentals.  I’m finding that more and more clients, who are looking to buy property in Mammoth, tend to use VRBO to find a vacation rental when planning an upcoming trip.  When I’ve asked clients in the past why they like VRBO vs. other traditional rental agencies in Mammoth, they explain that “it’s easy – they go to one place and can find any type of property they are looking for dealing directly with the property owner.”  It becomes more of a personal experience, which people seem to prefer.   Read More...

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